Author bylines without creating new accounts

Ghostwriter allows content to be centrally entered by a site administrator without the need to set up authors as individual users.

GhostWriter allows you to post as multiple usernames from one admin account

Ghostwriter overrides WordPress’s author pages and feeds to emulate the full functionality provided to WordPress users.

When to use Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter is best used for a blog written by multiple staff members but with a single person performing data entry.

Ghostwriter works when the writing and approval process operates outside of the WordPress dashboard. If approval is done within the dashboard, setting up users as contributors may be better.

Copyright And Warranty

Copyright © 2012 Floate Design Partners

This software is provided for free, as is, under the GPL v2

Made by Floate in Melbourne. Just north of the river.

Installation Instructions

1. Upload Ghostwriter to


2. Activate the plugin via the plugins menu

3. Set up some authors